A Blind Date With Yoga

If you practice yoga, do you remember how you met? Was it love at first sight, or did you start off as “just friends.?”

If you have ever practiced yoga but don’t anymore, do you know why? Did you have a fight and break up? Or did you just grow apart?

If you still practice yoga,  has your relationship grown and evolved? Or are you still doing it the same way you were introduced to?

If you still practice, is your yoga still meeting your needs? Challenging you? Surprising you?

If you still practice, can you ever imagine not practicing? Can you ever imagine “falling out of love” with yoga? Leaving it for some other body/mind practice? (Tai chi? Akido? Karate? Kung Fu?)

The reason I am asking all these questions is that today I introduced a friend of mine to yoga for the first time.

He had never tried it, and wanted to, because he and his business partner are dedicated to Trying Everything.

They make a snack chip called Try Chips, but the “chip” part  is just a part of a larger, deeper business mission. Tim and Jerry (the owners) want to get people to live, to risk, to TRY new things. They want us all to live with gusto and enthusiasm and passion.

Jerry had never tried yoga, so as part of their business mission to “Try Everything” he and Tim and Tim’s wife, Jackie, came up to the studio and I gave Jerry a private lesson. (Tim and Jackie are seasoned yoga practitioners.)

I felt nervous because I know that whether or not Jerry ever does another yoga pose, this will be the day that will become “the story” of how he and yoga first met.

I introduced them, and it’s a big responsibility. I think he thought yoga was nice (but a bit of a challenge, certainly not “easy.”) I will be interested to see if anything comes of this.

I *crossing fingers here* hope so.

But even if Jerry leaves yoga for another practice I, for one,  had a great time on this first “blind date.”

(Thanks Jerry! I had a blast! You are truly, Numero Uno!)


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