Just for the month of April

In the month of April I run a “Yoga Challenge” at my studio, Main Street Yoga. It’s a “30 Days for $30” yoga extravaganza.

I run 3 classes a day Monday through Thursday, and 2 classes a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

70 people are signed up this year and it’s intense, let me tell you. The energy in that room is something I have to surf or get swamped.

I also have people who are committed to a daily yoga practice for the month of April who are doing this “virtually,” meaning that they practice on their own and then check in at a website I set up at www.virtualyogarians.com.

I post there every day in April, and so do a lot of other people. (I have set it up as a “multi-user” blog.) So, if you want to read about what’s going on with me and the challenge, or if you want to join as a “virtual” head on over there. Otherwise, I’ll see you back here in May.

Later, ‘gaters.

Surf’s up!

2013 Yoga Challenge, Day 1.
2013 Yoga Challenge, Day 1.

One thought on “Just for the month of April

  1. Reblogged this on Goodbye Ordinary and commented:
    Hey look!! It’s real live proof of Day 1 of the yoga challenge & an amazing blog you should all follow.

    Yes, that’s me right up front & personal. Good thing I have no qualms about my photo. 😀


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