Day 1 of the Yoga Challenge

This winter I was on pain-killers, and I got addicted to them. I hated taking them but I needed them to deal with the pain after my wrist surgery. I hated that I needed them.

One day, I decided: Fuck it. I am not taking these things that make me feel like crap. So I stopped. And that was a big mistake because I got BEHIND the pain. Edie kept on warning me, “You’ve got to stay AHEAD of the pain, Kath. So even if you’re not feeling pain, take your meds anyway because you have to stay ahead of the pain.

I learned the hard way. I got behind the pain and it took me a long time to get ahead of it again.

This was the worst winter of my life. I was addicted to pain meds. I was depressed. I dropped to 100 pounds. I lost my yoga practice. I never went outside because it was always below zero. I couldn’t ski. I couldn’t do downward dog.

In short, I was a mess.

Today the April Yoga Challenge began. I am no longer addicted to pain killers. I am Power Walking. I can do a Sun Salutation (albeit badly) again. I am starting to want green leafy vegetables again. I have turned a corner.

Today the day got ahead of me, or I got behind it. One or the other. I taught the first classes of the Challenge feeling that I was BEHIND. Tomorrow will be better.

This is going to be fun, but I have to keep ahead of it.

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