Yoga Gives High Return on Investment

Tonight I asked my class what their incentive for coming was.

(Because, people, it is freaking freezing out.)

So I asked them: why do you come out in the  cold, knowing you are going to be beaten, and broken, and boiled alive as the postures slowly ratchet up, and up, and up until you are nothing but a gelatinous mass on the floor.

Who needs this?

What is the return on investment for this craziness? Why isn’t it enough just to go home after work, build a nice little fire, get in your jammies and  snuggle in?

I really wanted to know. Because I am looking through the “return on investment” lens on everything  I do these days, analyzing housework, home cooking, workouts, eating out, socializing, Facebook, reading, meditating, you name it.

If it has a high ROI, it stays, if the return of energy, or time, or money investment, is low?  Off with its head! Out of my life!

So I asked them: What’s the incentive?

One person said that class helps her come back to “normal.”

Another one said that she sits and works at her computer all day and needs to move her body.

A lot of people have just built “going to Power Yoga on Monday night” as part of their week.” It’s what they do.

I had a kind of grouchy, shitty day today. I got  an astonishing amount of nothing done, then I had to go teach.

I put my game face on, led the class, even played Otis Redding’s Try A Little Tenderness at the end, and can I just tell you? What an energy surge erupted from those people. Totally blew my circuits. I cannot even describe it.

So I won’t. But the ROI on yoga tonight? High. Very high.

This activity is a definite keeper.

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