Too Much Yin

When two people share their lives, like G and I do, they entrain to one another’s energy and patterns. I zig where she zags, and vice versa, and in this way, day after day, we create a particular kind of “vibe” together, which in our case is fun, exciting and nourishing.

So when one of us is not here, the house vibe gets skewed to the beat of the remaining one. And this week, I am that one, and the  vibe is very “Yin”– slow, soft, introspective, quiet.

G is very Yang: an“up and out”-er, dashing around, seeing to things, meeting with this one, texting that one, and otherwise busy-bee-ing all day long.

I, on the other hand, spend my mornings reading, writing, and meditating.

She starts texting the moment she gets up. I have a a strict rule that I don’t interact with other humans before 11 AM.

G has been away for almost a week now, and I have predictably become a one-note-wonder— a repetitive gong of introverted introspection. I have over-indulged my tendency to read and write all day. I have kept irregular hours. I have eaten a mono-diet of kitchari with veg.

I just talked to her on the phone and she is all Yang-ed out from travel, and scheduling snafus, and restaurant food, and hotel beds, and way too much stim.

She said she is craving the the Yin side of our life that is all about home cooked food, and rituals, and sanity.

And I am craving the zing that she brings to the house: the electricity, the energy, the fizz, the buzz, …the balance.

One thought on “Too Much Yin

  1. Funny how this resonates. I have my teenage daughter every other week and that idea of how the energy changes when she is not here is so familiar. I’m like a proton wondering where my electron shot off to… Thanks for capturing this so well.


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