I often feel guilty about the fact that my life is so happy. That’s because so many people are not so happy. Some are lost, others are bored. Some are unsettled, others are burdened. Some are taking depression meds, others need to be taking depression meds.

They are dealing with time stress and money stress and food stress and people stress. They drag an unhappy vibe around with them, even into the yoga room. I can tell by how they move. I pick up their vibe immediately, even if they never mention their unhappiness, directly.

I am glad that I am not burdened with unhappiness. If I was, I wouldn’t have any energy left to help them with theirs.

If you are carrying six bags of groceries up the steps, and so am I, I can’t very well help you with yours, now, can I? Whereas if I am not carrying any burdens I have a couple of free hands to help you.

Today I listened to James Altucher interview Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, while I made lunch and cleaned the kitchen. She articulated this idea of happy people not having to think of themselves so much because their needs were being met, and this freed up their time to give help and assistance to others.

If you have time, you should listen to this. It inspired me today.

Need help with your groceries?


4 thoughts on “Happy

  1. I’m reading her book at the moment and it’s changed my life! Or, at least it’s changed my way of thinking about life… I strongly recommend it. I’m writing about it on my blog 🙂


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