Elimination Diet Begins Tomorrow

I have no idea what to write tonight. This is my 34th post in a row. I started out on February 18th, Ash Wednesday, with the goal to post every day until Easter, which I believe is April 5th.

But tonight I am hitting the wall, I am scrounging for content.  But I will not let myself break this streak.

A streak, is something you do for as long as you can, all the while knowing that you probably can’t sustain it forever. A streak is like a game: it’s fun to see how long you can last.

In the past I’ve had “yoga streaks” and “workout streaks” and “writing streaks” and “meditation streaks.” I once had a two and half year streak in 750words.com.

Tomorrow I am starting an elimination diet, which is a kind of streak. (A really hard, pain in the ass streak.) I am going to see how long I can eliminate  known inflammatories like wheat and eggs and coffee and alcohol and sugar from my diet, in the hopes that I can get to the bottom of this patch of red and scaly skin on my right eyelid which has been bugging me for a number of months now.

I  suspect that it is some food that is causing this reaction, so I am going to do some detective work. I am going to eliminate certain foods and see if this eyelid thing goes away. Then I will slowly introduce foods back in to see what triggers this allergic reaction..

Tomorrow morning, no coffee. I have gone off caffeine  before and it’s not pretty. But it has to be done.

Some streaks are easier to sustain than others. This one is going to test me

I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck. I’d be really interested to hear any success stories about elimination diets. Did anyone have great luck? Do tell.

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