Yoga Teacher: Energy Vampire

Went totally rogue in my 7 o’clock class tonight. Practiced with my students. (A big teacher No-No.)

(But in my defense, there were only 3 students, all of them adept yogis, and all of them part of the Challenge.)

My own practice time was eclipsed by my gym workout with the adorable Vince, and by an incredible hour on Facetime with my new Naturopath (wheee!!!) Jennifer.

Then, since my poor G is down with something,  I made her some kitchari and told her under no circumstances was she to go to practice today, but just lay her ass on the couch, sip hot water with honey, and watch the first round of the Masters and heal.. But did she listen? Of course not. She totally disobeyed me and went up to practice, “just for an hour, I promise,” but was up there for well over 2.

I really don’t know what I am going to do with that girl.

Sandy taught the early class and I came in for the 7.

The 7 is going to die next year. Not enough people come. But tonight, instead of feeling a little sad about the turn-out, I decided to exploit it and make it “Kath’s Playground” and do the practice I didn’t get to do today–with friends!

It was so fun. It reminded me a little of when Christine and I used to practice Ashtanga in the mornings all those years ago. We were all doing it together and I totally energy-vampired Brittany, Tom and Nikki  as we cranked 5 As and 5 Bs after a lengthy warm-up. I totally fed off of their amazing juju.

I even did savasana with them–don’t tell.

But right toward the end of the practice, I think we were in the 3rd set of Bs, there was a startling lightning bolt, and a clap of thunder that scared the shit out of us.

But we kept going.

I suspect it was some pissed-off Kali energy directed my way.

Bad teacher: ka-pow!


4 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher: Energy Vampire

  1. Ha, “bad teacher” totally made me giggle. It was a killer practice. 🙂 It’s a bummer that not more people split up the two classes.


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