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Mother’s Day

A Guest Post in honor of Mother’s Day-from “The Mysterious G”

Holidays are complicated for many people and Mother’s Day tends to be one of those “complicated” holidays for us.  Kath did not have a “dream” Mother.  She had a complicated and complex relationship that ended long before her Mother’s death.  She does not enjoy celebrating this day.  Her daughter knows not to send a card or flowers or anything else on this day.  She sent a fitting text this morning that made Kath laugh.

I on the other hand have a “dream” Mother.  My Mother loves to celebrate this day and we enjoy celebrating her and all the love she has brought into each of our lives.  As much as I love celebrating my own Mom, I am not a Mom.  It’s a difficult subject.  I would have loved to have been a Mother, but that apparently wasn’t meant to be.  So this morning as we sat down at a restaurant for breakfast I was thrown by the waitress who was so happy to wish us a Happy Mother’s Day.  I did not appreciate the sentiment.  Why would you say that to someone you don’t know?  If you don’t know someone, you should stick to the standard, Hello.

Just my opinion.


I’m a small town yoga teacher who says motherfucker a lot. I hate anything woo. I’m into neuroscience. And facts. I’ll lead the chanting of “om” sometimes, but it makes me feel awkward. I want to access flow states. As far as yoga helps me do that, I’m into it. Dopamine is my fave neurotransmitter. Don’t tell anyone I told you this.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. The older I get, the more I dislike this day. I am also not a mom and dilike being wished a happy mother’s day. It makes me feel as if I should have fulfilled society’s expectations of me having kid . If I never have kids, am I less of a woman? Maybe to some, but not to me.


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