Real Bloggers Blog in Airports

This is my second attempt at posting today. The first was 3 hours ago in the Charlottle airport, and now I am trying again at Gate F22 in Philly. This gate has, no lie, 10 seats, so I am parked in Gate 21 which has 20 seats.

We have left the land of palm trees and are returning to the land of pine trees. It’s better this way. We aren’t Florida people. No diversity, no energy, not too friendly. Nice tropical climate though, with a sort of Hemingway-esque dry tortuga feel. The nature preserve was great, drinking gin and tonics and eating wonderful shrimp was great, reading and writing and reconnecting was great.

And now home to a Liver and Bile cleanse, lots of yoga, laundry, and Boomer. 

I am reluctant to write a whole lot more in the event that this post doesn’t go through. 

See you back in the land of pine trees.

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