Writing to Know

This is my 126th post in a row. It’s getting hard now. My goal with this blog, ultimately,  is to write content that adds value to the reader somehow.

I don’t even know what that means. When it comes to a blog like this, which is not really a yoga blog, or a food blog, it’s kind of a “lifestyle” blog. It’s the lifestyle of a yoga teacher, meditator, and writer, living with her partner and Corgi in small-town rural America. (The scenes on TV of where they were looking for the  recent escaped inmates  at Dannemora look a lot like  around here.)

I am writing to figure out what my natural themes are. My hope is that I will write myself toward enlightenment. I want to drop crumbs and then go back and retrace where I’ve been.

Eventually, I would like to post only once a week. This posting every day is a game to see if to see if  I can cut my chops, to practice persistence and stamina. It’s also to see what I write when I have nothing to say.

Like tonight.

I feel resolutions coming on.

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