You Can’t Be Creative If You’re Not In A Good Mood

When I read it, it seemed so self-evident, and yet the wisest thing I had read in a long time.

It was in Steven Kotler’s lastest, and, I think, best book: The Art of Impossible.

And what are the requirements of a good mood?

  1. Exercise
  2. A Gratitude Practice
  3. A Mindfulness Practice
  4. A Good Night’s Sleep

If I’m in a crappy mood it’s most likely because I am not checking all of these boxes. And if I’m in a crappy mood it’s impossible for me to move my projects forward, to feel jazzed about them, to feel energized to tackle them.

Lately the weather and the pandemic have been doing a number on my mood. But last Sunday the sun came out and we went on a family ski and I came home feeling great.

This morning the temps were above freezing and Stellabella and I adventured through the deep snow to check out the river.

My sleep is getting better. My nightly gratitude practice in my Hobonichi notebook is well into it’s second year without a miss, and I love Sam Harris’ Waking Up app so my daily meditation practice is continuing with nary a miss.

But it’s the exercise that’s the been the missing piece for such a long time. Exercising OUTSIDE. That’s why today I feel a sea change coming, something bubbling to the surface, something starting to emerge. I’m starting to feel creative again.

Thank god.

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