Be Nice

There’s a new building going up on the Mansfield University Campus.  I’ve been watching it go up all summer: the ground-breaking, and then the backhoes, and now the framing.  Lots of guys in hard hats, pouring cement, setting rebar, working hard.

Building something of this magnitude takes a lot of planning and cooperative effort on the part of the crew.

Yesterday I was walking past the site, and one guy (The Boss) was looking through a transit, shouting to a guy (The Worker) on the other end of the building to put the board, “Over to the left!”

Here’s how it went:

The Boss (shouting at the top of his lungs): “Over to the left!  The left, you idiot.  Don’t you know your left??

Worker: That IS my left!

The Boss:  You’re an idiot!  No!  Over one more!  One more, I said!  No! ONE MORE!  You’re an idiot!  Jesus Christ! Over!  Over!  Right there!  NO!  Not THERE, you idiot!

I was walking the dog past all this shouting and insulting and I could take it no longer, so I started to yell:

Me:  Hey!  You up there!  That’s right, you. With the mouth!  Keep a civil tone, why don’t you!  You’re polluting my audio environment!  Play nice, boys!

At this point the idiot, (I mean the “Worker,”) began to howl laughing.

All my ideas of how workers need to cooperate in order to build a complex building went out the window.  What apparently happens on this work site is that there is an overbearing foreman with no people skills who neither respects nor  knows how to talk to his crew.

I fear for this building.

2 thoughts on “Be Nice

  1. HAHAHAHA! This is funny! Did you really yell back?!? I love it!!! YEAH for you Sista!!! (PS yeah, not very good karma going into that building; I heard, later, after my carpet was layed, that the carpet layer yelled lots of profanities while laying the carpet; I was worried about this crappy carpet karma, but my husband believes all the other groovy workers & their good energy likely offset that of the crappy carpet layer. I mean, the dude who installed our drywall was named Rain Blessing Bell. How lovely is that?! AND, when we discovered honey bees making a nest behind some paneling on a back porch (that would soon be sided-over), we called a bee expert – a lovely 80-something man who drove over with his little gentle bee vacuum/relocater … So, I do think the little acts of goodness & kindess offset the crappy carpet karma. Maybe you just need to hold some yoga sessions near the new MU building to counter-balance the crappy construction karma. 😉


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