Prime Time

Everyone has their “prime time.”  Mine is before lunch.  It’s my best (really my only) truly creative time.  After lunch?  I am toast, done, finished.

And after dinner?  Really bad.  Catatonic almost.  But it’s often after dinner that I write these posts.

Today I had a rockin’ day with my journal and my pen, a real power write that lasted 3 hours (oh happy day!)  Then I  wrote and emailed my newsletter to my yoga peeps, taught my ashtanga class and by after dinner I was D.O.N.E.

I settled in on the couch to write this post and my dog came over and kissed me and said, “Not tonight, mom.  Pet me instead, okay?”

And what could I say?

Boomer Kiss500

3 thoughts on “Prime Time

  1. ahhhh, gotta love doggie kisses! I have learned to stop and take the time for my babies (Buddy and Milli, my doggies) when they are looking for my attention instead of saying “not now”, “in a minute”, “I’m to busy”, “go lay down”…. I now realize that I did that to much with my son and I wish I would have just STOPPED to enjoy him more when he was a little boy. Now he is 18 and Mr. Independent = very little time for Mom :(.


  2. My question is, how could you NOT stop (at least for a few minutes anyway)?!?! Sometimes I think our pets know when we need a nudge to take a break!


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