Nothing Runs Like A Deer(e)

Except maybe me, through the woods.

Today I did the Ives Run Trail Challenge (4 miles) which, after last weekend’s Dam Half Marathon (13 miles) should have felt like a cakewalk, but didn’t.

It’s weird.  This is how my mind works: If I know it’s a 13 mile run, I get tired at mile 11.

If it’s a 4 miler, mile 2 becomes the beast.  What’s up with that?

The highlight for me today was running (read:“scampering,” or “trotting.”) through the woods alone, like a deer: leaping over rocks, maneuvering around roots, while the forest flew by in my peripheral vision.

My breath found a rhythm: “in, out, in, out ha, ha, ha.”

Soon though, there was someone behind me, and a few people in front of me.  Then I was back in The Ives Run Trail Challenge.  I tried to pretend I was still that deer but it didn’t work.

What I want to do now is train by myself in the woods.  Just me and my breath.  Just me being a deer, or a faun, or a dryad, cavorting through the trees!

7 thoughts on “Nothing Runs Like A Deer(e)

  1. I was talking with a friend at the event who also knows you – as he said “Does Kath run?”and I was about to say no – you come shooting out of the woods like a deer! My quick response was apparently she does! I wish I had my camera at the moment – but the joy on your face as you ran to the finish will always be etched into my mind. Seeing you so pumped and sweating says this is your sport.
    It is addicting – I am glad we can be trail junkies together!


    1. Yeah, baby! I’m jonesin’ for my next fix. Trails are the way (and in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “and the truth and the light” but that’s something else entirely, right?)
      Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways. You rock, brotha!


  2. I’m kind of thinking that Jon and I will need to do the trail run this year. Maybe, though I’m not sure I could “run” the whole thing, or even half of it. lol


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