A Rumor of Robins

All this week I’ve been hearing rumors of robin sitings.

Facebook Status Update: “I saw a robin!!”

Another one: “Robins!  Yay!”

And another one: “No robins, but redwing blackbirds!”

Then yesterday, on the bike path, during my training run, I saw my first robin.

It’s amazing what the sighting of a little bird sets off in me.  I want to thoroughly clean the house. And today I started by taking down heavy winter drapes and putting up the sheers.  I mopped the floors; I bought a bouquet of flowers for the table.

I thought about changing the bedding, but I know that there are still cold nights ahead, so I didn’t.  But I wanted to.

I am so ready for warm and sunny.  I am ready for long days and lafuma chairs on the porch and sitting out at night and watching the stars.  I am ready for flip flops and fires in the chiminea.

All this because I saw one robin in March.


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