Day 16: What Do You Want?

Everybody’s in this Challenge for something different: flexibility, weight loss, toning, strength, stress-relief or just to prove to themselves that they can  follow through on a personal commitment. In other words: self-discipline.

But I imagine some people don’t even really know what they really want out of this; they’re just doing it.

I finished a book last night that has crawled under my skin and wormed itself  into my brain.  The book is Don Miller’s A Million Miles In A Thousand Steps.

It’s about learning how to make your life better by making your life into a  great story.

This is how Don Miller defines “story:” “A person wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.”

What Miller wants us to do is start living our lives with drama and conviction; to start taking risks–not only for ourselves, but for other people.  He wants us to be brave and daring and funny and to not know how it’s all going to turn out, but to move forward anyway, to leap, and trust that the net will appear.

And if the net doesn’t appear? If we fall flat on our faces and break our asses and become the laughingstock of our friends and families?  That’s great too, because we took a risk, and took our lumps and learned for the next time.

And that colossal failure made an even better story.  Maybe not a epic story, (for that we’d have to risk our life for another person) but a story with suspense, drama, and conflict.  It was a life lived, rather than wasted in front of the computer or the TV.

But it all hinges on knowing what you want..

So what do you want?  No, really.  What do you want?–not just for the Yoga Challenge, but for your life?

(I’m asking you, but even more, I am asking myself. )

Don Miller has a blog (big surprise) and on his blog he challenged his readers to come up with “What if” questions and then pick one and do it.  If you think this would be an interesting life experiment, check it out here: