Day 6: Everything Counts

I am really tickled about the Virtual Challenge.  I think it’s so amazing that people are doing this on their own, holding themselves accountable, carving time out of their day, and perhaps most impressive of all, cobbling together their own practice.

It’s one thing to go to a studio and have a teacher guide you into a sequence, and it is quite another thing to have to put together your own sequence.

I am also loving that people are reporting what they’re doing, and even describing the surroundings in which they are doing it.  If you haven’t been reading the comments to these posts on the last 5 days, you really should!

Sometimes they’re a hoot! And all the participants are beginning to talk to each other in the comments.  They’ve become their own little tribe!

The classes at the studio yoga are equally wonderful.  This morning I told my class that the true morning practice isn’t the asana they do once they get to class;  their real yoga begins in that moment when they do not ignore the alarm, when they do not stay in bed, but rather get up, get dressed and get themselves to class.  By the time we chant our beginning “Om,” the hard part of the practice is already over; the hard part is getting there.  Once you’re there, it’s cake.

And the other thing I want to say here about practice is this:

Everything counts.

Sometimes people (myself included) feel that if they don’t get through at least most of the  primary series, for example, that they haven’t really done their practice.

This is nonsense.  Stepping on the mat, rolling onto your back and breathing fully deeply and consciously for 15 minutes, counts.

A few Sun Salutations counts.

10 minutes of pranayam, followed by a short meditiation, counts.

It’s not the time that’s important; it’s the attitude, the intention.

So keep the faith, yogarians.

See you in the morning!