Day 17: Yoga Music

Even before the Yoga Challenge I was getting deathly sick of my yoga playlists.  Really, how much Carlos Nakai, David Parsons and Todd Norian can a body take?? Now that I’m teaching 3 times a day, 6 days a week, my old playlists are really beginning to drive me bats.

I’ve tried downloading playlists that were suggested by Yoga Journal that were the faves of LA yoga teachers, and can I just tell you?  I have no idea what postures they are doing in those classes that that music would fit.  I listen to this music and think, “What the hell would I lead here?”  But still, I liked that it wasn’t “yoga music.”

So last week I created a “mellow morning mix” in Itunes. I figured if it didn’t work for yoga, I would still like it for “life.”  The other day I played it for morning yoga to mixed reviews, and this morning I played it again and it got more favorable reviews.  Some people don’t like music for yoga at all, and I can totally respect that, but these days with all the truck traffic grinding down Main St. I really need to mask the roar.

So here’s my Mellow Morning Mix.  Feel free to steal it, and if you do, let me know how it works out for you.  And if you have a nice playlist that you think I’d like, for godsakes, send it! I’m desperate here!

Mellow Morning Mix

Song    Artist   Album

Radhe     Wah!    Savasana
Morning Has Broken   Cat Stevens    Cat Stevens: Greatest Hits
Breath   Alexi Murdoch    Time Without Consequence
Blindsided    Bon Iver    Valentine
Something    The Beatles    Abbey Road

Don’t Know Why    Norah Jones
Here, There And Everywhere    The Beatles    Revolver
He Ma Durga    Donna De Lory    The Lover and the Beloved
Come Away With Me     Norah Jones    Come Away With Me
In My Life     The Beatles    Rubber Soul
On the Road to Find Out    Cat Stevens    Tea for the Tillerman
You Are the Only One I Love    Jaymay    Autumn Fallin’
Three Little Birds    Bob Marley    Legend
Here Comes The Sun    The Beatles    Abbey Road
Good Day Sunshine   The Beatles    Revolver