Fun Meter

My “Fun Meter” has been trending heavily toward “Empty” lately, and this sad state of affairs has been bringing my Vibrometer readings down into the “Getting Things Done” range, rather than keeping it up in the “Radiant” range, where I like it.

So in a desperate  attempt to break this trend, G and Fred and I went to Darien Lake on Saturday for some thrills and chills and high adventure on roller coasters.

I love roller coasters!  The scarier and more extreme, the better. Darien Lake has a few rides that are quite decent.  Here’s my review:

First stop: Sky Coaster.  Sky Coaster is a kind of bungee jump.  They take you up 180 feet over a pond and then someone (in this case, me) pulls a rip cord and you fall straight down to your (imagined) death, but just before death, you fly out over part of the park.

There’s a YouTube of it here.  Fred, G and I went up as a trio.  I thought it would be scarier than it was.  It was a definitely a rush, but not terrifying.

Next: Ride of Steel.  This used to be called “Superman: Ride of Steel” but they apparently had a copyright issue, so now it’s just “Ride of Steel.” It’s the best coaster in the park and therefore it had the longest line.  It’s a little over 2 minutes of ride time and we waited about a half hour to get on.  It was good, though.  A well-designed coaster with just enough time between “thrills” for your mind to comprehend the thrill before the onset of the next one.

Unlike the Mind Eraser, which is just a mess of a coaster: up down, twist right, twist left.  It left my spine a wreck, and my mind, sadly, un-erased.

The Viper is a nice old-fashioned coaster, modern and smooth with a bunch of nice thrills and a tunnel to scream through to boot!

G won a hard-fought game of Whack-A-Mole, we played multiple games of SkeeBall, and we wagered some woman that she couldn’t guess G’s age and she won yet another stuffed thing.

We looked at the Sling Shot ride, but nobody screamed on it, so how thrilling could a ride be if it didn’t make anybody scream?  So, pass.

A little disappointing for me was the absence of the photo booth where you get to take those little photo strips for a buck.  Also, there was no Fortune Teller Marionette in a box.  What is up with that?

When I got home, my neck was totally whacked out and I needed a chiro appointment, but my “Fun Meter” was back on track and trending toward “Full.”

Summer fun, done.  Almost….

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