Scorpion Pose

Vrischika asana-Scorpion pose
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Today I did a pose that I never thought I’d be able to do in a million years.

I got up into Scorpion Pose.  Mine didn’t look like that ->

My head hung lower to the ground and my fingers touched on the floor under my nose, and I had to kick up into the wall and walk my feet down, but I did it.  And then, for the briefest of nano-seconds, I was able to wean my feet off the wall and teeter.


It felt fabulous!  Especially since I was dreading it.  (Probably because I was dreading it.)

Today we also did Headstand, which I have really been working on for a looong time, taking it step by step: first balancing with my thighs into my chest.  Then trying to get my thighs parallel to the floor. Then my knees to point to the ceiling. Then, ever so slowly, feet up in the air.

I have always felt like a baby doing it that way because everyone else just places their arms on the floor and kicks up: first one leg, then the other.  Easy-breezy.

Today Yoganand started the Headstand lesson by saying that he doesn’t believe in working against the wall.  (meep.) “You’ve got to build the strength gradually,” he said.  And then, to my great glee, he proceeded to show us how to go up using MY SYSTEM!  What I thought was “the baby way” was the right way!  Ha!  Who knew??  (not me)

So today was a pretty damned awesome day.  And I got to work with Kim who I really like, and Marissa, who is also fabulous.

The 10 hours sleep last night helped a lot, too.

I am currently a little worried about my computer though, because WordPress is not finding my latest pictures on IPhoto.  When I go into IPhoto from my task bar, everything is there, but when I search for them via WordPress, they are not there.  What the hell is up with that?

I hope it has something to do with the connection at this hotel, and not with my ‘puter.

But I’m blithering….

I am totally trashed in my mind and my body.  Everything hurts: arms (hundreds of planks and side planks), hips (fire hydrants with side kicks in every conceivable posture) and backs (“preeessss the sternum forward!”)

Oy gevalt,” as my mother-in-law used to say.

But tomorrow is the last day (thank god) and I should be home by 7 or 8 PM with a little help from my Starbucks Gold Card.

The food has been the worse part, and it always is.  (That’s why I love Kripalu.)  My eating has been pretty atrocious, and when I do this much physical and mental work, I need super high-quality fuel.

I am looking forward to my soft bed, my JUICE!!!!, my home and all its comforts and inhabitants, and to getting into the studio to practice Scorpion on the wall!


And if you are one of my students?

bwah-hahahaha! Get ready!

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