Putting Your Body Where Your Beliefs Are

I had a great conversation in my Yoga Lounge tonight after the Gentle Stretch class.

One of my students, Frank, told me that after watching a particularly distasteful video of a policeman spraying a woman in the face with pepper spray in NYC at the Occupy Wall St. demonstration, he decided that he had to go there. He is taking a half day off of work on Friday, and he and his wife will spend the whole day at the demonstration on Saturday.

(Good job, cop.  Way to inspire the masses to action!)

So many people are getting excited about this. So many people  are waking up and saying NO MORE! Enough!

(And police brutality? Really??? This simply will not stand. I am old enough to remember Kent State.  Let’s hope it will not have to come to that.)

And Frank.  The kindest, gentlest, most generous man I may have ever met, is taking a day off work, driving a long way, and staying in a hotel, just to put his body where his beliefs are; to stand in solidarity with people who don’t have a job, or health care, or who are drowning in debt as a direct result of the corrupt practices of of Wall St.

Sometimes you just have to decide: enough is enough, and take a stand.

Thanks, Frank.  Way to represent.  Godspeed.

When was the last time you put your body where your beliefs are?  Hmm?