Feel Like a Natural Woman

Last night I watched the DVD I bought recently called “Yoga Woman.”  It was decent. It was a documentary with interviews with all the marquee women yoga teachers: Patricia Walden, Seane Corn, Angela Farmer, Donna Farhi, Colleen Saidman Yee, and others.

One thing I noticed was that except for maybe Seane Corn and Donna Farhi, none of the other ones looked too good. I have been thinking about it today, wondering if it was the lighting, or just that they are all getting older, but none of them glowed.  I expected them to be “lighter” somehow, in their personalities and their physical appearance.  I don’t know what I mean by that exactly, but they all seemed worn out.  Maybe it is just really hard to be a famous yoga teacher, or maybe I am just used to seeing them all Photoshopped-up in Yoga Journal.

It’s hard to imagine this kind of thing going on in Yoga Journal, but it probably does. I remember when this YouTube made the rounds on Facebook