If I Had A Hammer…

I have some good ideas for some entrepreneurs who might like to make some good money: teach real-life skills to people who don’t have them. Like me.

So, say you know your way around woodworking tools: circ saw, band saw, hammer, etc. Do you realize how many people out there never took a basic shop class? (me! me!) Do you realize that there are people who can scan the meter of The Faerie Queen but who can’t drive a nail into a piece of wood?  (me! me!)

Do you know how much call there is these days in for the ability to extrapolate the deep meaning of a poem by Milton? (None).  Do you know how crucial it is to know what you are looking at when you pop the hood of your car on the side of the road?  (Very!).

So today I was trying to drive a nail into a joist hanger and it was Pah-thetic.  Hammering is a skill, people! I wish I had taken a basic shop class in high school instead of spending all my time in AP English. I wish I had taken a basic class in auto mechanics, too. And accounting.  Accounting skills would have really come in handy now.

So if you are living around here and you know your way around a circ saw or a spark plug, you could totally start a class in Basic Woodworking for Women. Or Basic Auto Mechanics for Women. And I bet you’d make a killing!

I would totally pay for a course in those things.