De-cluttering. A start.

I am racing around trying to get out of here by 10:30 this morning. We are going up to Ithaca to bomb around, perhaps catch a movie at Cinemapolis, then we are meeting our dear friends Zee and Blue for dinner at Madeline’s at 6.

I am kind of regretting this Lenten sacrifice of not writing here, because I am really tempted not to write here today! And how about that lame-o picture I posted last night? Yeah, that’s because I was sorta tipsy from having a big beer at Yorkholo last night and got home only to remember that I hadn’t posted.

Well, the same thing is going to happen here today, I’m afraid. I am going to post some pictures of my de-cluttering progress which has sputtered and died, and which I was hoping I would be able to make a big “Before and After” post out of, but after Day 1 I abandoned the project. I swear I will get back to it, but not this weekend. But here’s how things began:

Decluttering begins


And here’s what things looked like after one day of de-cluttering:

Decluttering Day 1


Stay tuned. I need to get my crazy de-cluttering mojo back, but not this weekend. Oh no. This is fun weekend!


One thought on “De-cluttering. A start.

  1. I was kind of pleased to see the “before” photo. I always pictured your place to be so uber-immaculate that seeing the clutter picture put my heart at ease and reminded me we are all human. 🙂


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