Fiscal Integration

Today I finished my March book with a half a month to spare.

(Wo.  All this no-Facebooking  is paying off in increased reading time, just as I suspected it would.)

My new routine has me coming down in the morning, checking my email, then reading the blogs I subscribe to on  Google Reader, and then settling into the couch with my book and my pen.

It’s awesome.

There is so much about this current book that I totally love, but today I came across a concept that I had never heard of before, but had always thought about, and this was the idea of “Fiscal Integration.”

McNamara said that you need to integrate your practice into your economic livelihood, and you do this by setting up a second bank account and paying yourself for your practice.

That’s right. Every time you practice, you deposit a certain amount of money into this account. The amount you put in is determined by how much you value your training, and what is feasible for you economically.

Back in my early days of practicing yoga, I wanted a really good mat. The mat I wanted cost $100. I could not justify this expense until I told myself that I would put $1 into a jar every time I practiced and when there was $100 in there, I would buy the coveted mat.

And that’s what I did.

And this is what McNamara is saying to do: Pay yourself every time you practice, and then use that money to buy equipment, or pay for  trainings, or buy books, etc.  This is reinvesting back into your practice. If you are “invested” in it, then you should be investing in it.

I really loved this idea.

I am going to start doing this.




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