The Bests

Every time I sit down here, I try to think of the standout moments in the day, good or bad. But mostly I look for the “Bests.”  What were the best moments of this day?

My yoga practice this morning wasn’t “the best”–it was hard and I was frustrated with my limitations and my weakness, but today I practiced to my new playlist, which is a mix of modern and more “typical” yoga music, and I really liked where it took me.

(If you want, I will give it to you, but you’ll have to ask.)

The next to the last cut is a Joni Mitchell song I love called “Shine.” Here’s a YouTube of it. The person did a nice job weaving in lots of vintage pics of Joni with the lyrics.

I really appreciated this song today, because man,  I really needed a little light to shine on all those Astavakrasana prep poses that killed me.

“Shine” was a “best.”

My “affliction” (which is how I am referring to this cough/cold/low energy thing that I’ve been battling all week) started lifting today and although I am still congested, the brain fog is finally lifting.

Best, number 2.

The weather is nothing short of crazy-spectacular. I think I should move here. If this was the way winters were all the time, and we got a “spring” like we are having now? And if I could shine a little light on all the gas drilling activity and make it go “poof!” and disappear? I could totally live here.

Weather: Best #3

All my Best People came to Happy Hour Yoga tonight, and what did I do to show them my undying love and appreciation? I lied to them, and then I freaking killed them. They died, then rose like little Phoenixes. It was awe. some. You should have been there.

Best, #4.

My Emily got an Ipad today and we Face Timed! Oh my god! I got to see my kid! I got to see her laugh and smile and push back her bangs and everything! She is amazing.

Best, #5.

I walked Boomer this evening up Cardiac and as we were passing the football practice field I heard….

Peepers!  Spring Peepers!  There’s a diversion ditch that runs along the edge of the field and that’s where they were. Peeping their little hearts out.

Holy moly. March 16th. Peepers.

Best, #6.

And now it is Friday night and I am nestled on my comfy couch with a glass of red at my elbow, and A Path With Heart beckoning.

Best, #7.


One thought on “The Bests

  1. Thank you, Kathleen for taking the time to post the youtube Joni Mitchell song. I had not heard it before , but it will become regular listening. So many powerful and timely images..and one in particular really touched me…the “hopeful girl in the dreamy dress”..
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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