The Era of the Mat Sandwich Ends

Last night I did a class for a college sorority. A friend of mine is the advisor and thought it would be good for them. So I had to set up the studio for a crowd. I put down 19 mats with blankets under them for added cushioning on the hardwood floor.

Then I sat on my mat and looked at my studio. This will be the last time I will see it like this. No more am I going to have everything all set up like this when my students arrive. Starting with this Challenge, the studio is going to be bare when my students walk in.

It’s going to be strange.

For the past 8 years it’s looked liked this

From the teacher's seat

But starting tomorrow, just floor.

All day I worked in there. I picked up all those mats, all those blankets, and the base mats under the blankets that keep the whole “mat sandwich” from sliding along the wood floor like a magic carpet.

I then mopped and laid out a template for where mats should go.

Tomorrow at 8 AM I teach the first class of the month. It’s going to be awesome, but I felt nostalgic last night when I took that picture from the teacher’s seat. I hope some people decide to continue to make mat sandwiches.

I’m not going to miss washing all those mats, that’s for sure, but I am going to miss the color that those blankets provided, and the satisfaction of knowing that my students were always as  comfortable as I could make them.

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