The Lone Nut No More

IMG_1638Today I slept in, wrote, took a walk with G and Boomer, taught Happy Hour yoga.

It was a soft day. It is the first of May and the weather is finally, starting to drastically improve.

The Challenge is over and while it was wonderful, it was still exhausting. At the end we sat around eating  Cauliflower Maranca and Kale Quinoa cakes and a Vegan Chocolate Cake and a Gin and Tonic cake. There were also veggies and dip and a variety of crunchy food for grazing.

There was white and red wine, Stella Artois and Guinness draft and Sparkling Cider and a bottle of Maker’s Mark for the bourbon lovers.

It was good to sit around in a circle and talk and listen to my tribe. Vince was there and he said, in relation to my remark that Mansfield is a very difficult place to live, something to the effect that it’s only in difficult places that it is possible to be a pioneer.

He called me a pioneer, and I guess I am. I saw what I thought the town needed (a yoga studio) and made it happen. It took a long time for it to “take” but it did.

His words reminded me of this “leadership” video on my Facebook feed this week. I love the idea of the “first follower.” If you don’t get that first follower, you are just a lone nut. But once you  get that first follower, then you are leader, and from there, if other people join, you can start something pretty great.

I feel so grateful to my first followers: Brynne and Aleta and Judith. Then close behind them, a whole slew of other people who have been practicing at MSY for at least 10 of its 11 years.

It feels very good not to be the lone nut any more.

At least when it comes yoga.

(If you catch my drift.)

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