The iWatch is Rad

I am an unapologetic first adopter. I don’t wait for the next, and probably better version of new gadgets and gizmos.

I got the first Kindle. I got the first Ipad.

Today my iWatch came. I ordered it on April 10th, the first day it went on sale. I must say I was a little disappointed when the ship date was set for June, but I’m not 5; I can wait. Delay of gratification isn’t a problem.

(I like to think I would have been one of those kids who resisted the marshmallows.) 

It’s a very pretty thing, this watch. I got the sport version with the black band. I am more than pleased with how it looks and feels on my wrist. It looks just like a regular watch. I thought it might be bulky or heavy, but it is light and comfortable.

It was easy to set up, too, but navigating its many screens is going to take getting used to. It’s not hard, just unfamiliar. It came late in the day today, just as I was getting ready for class, so I haven’t had much time to mess with it yet.

There are two disappointing things so far, though, and I should have known this, but my calendar and my email won’t sync because I use Gmail and and a Google calendar.

This is not to say this will always be the case, because Apple made the iWatch open source; but until somebody makes Gmail and calendar compatible with it, I won’t be able to use my watch for those two things. Yet.

The feature I predict is going to make me the happiest is its ability to send and receive texts hands-free. I tested it and this thing can pick up my voice at arms length, so it has lots of “idea capture” possibilities.

For example, I often get good ideas while I am walking Boomer, but I am reluctant to take out my phone and start talking into it as I walk. I also get good ideas when I drive, so I’m hoping I will be able to talk to myself and the watch will record me, and then  I can do what I want with the text later.

There is a little vibration on my wrist when texts and notifications come in. I thought this vibration would startle me or feel creepy, but it’s a very subtle and natural-feeling buzz. I rather like it

In the past few months, I have been hearing the adjective “rad” being used more among people I know. I have never really cared for “rad.” I believe it is short for “radical,” and just like the over-used “awesome,” not too many things fit that honorific.

I try to practice precision of language whenever possible, even when it comes to slang, and since very few things in my day-to-day life strike me as “radical,” “rad” is not a word I intend to take up with. Rad doesn’t seem to accurately describe the opening of a new Chinese restaurant, for example, or the existence of the Smart Car.

The iWatch though, is rad. It creates a  radical way to consume and use media. It is subtle and effective and aesthetically beautiful. It is probably the “raddist” thing to come down the pike in decades.

I can’t wait to get conversant with this thing. I hope to get really good with it to the point where all my other electronics will have to take a number.

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