6 Things That Made Me Happy Today

1. My yoga studio. How crazy is it that I own a yoga studio? Sometimes I just cannot believe it. I walked in there at 7 this morning to do my personal practice, all bleary-eyed and tired, and walked out all energized and ready for the day.

2. Vince, my trainer. I write about Vince frequently here, but here’s the thing that made me happy today. Vince likes what he does, and it shows, and it makes me happy to to be around him, (even when he makes me do stuff that causes sweat to drip off the end of my nose.) What if everyone felt that way about what they do? Can you imagine? Can you imagine if everyone LIKED what they do for a living?

3. Making Turkey Goulash. Dicing onions, cutting mushrooms, measuring spices, tasting, stirring, and making the house smell amazing.

4. The James Altucher Podcast. Today (as I was making the goulash) I listened to his interview with Chris Hadfield. It was so good. Hadfield talked about becoming competent. It made me want to be competent, too.  Chris Hadfield is famous for this YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaOC9danxNo 

5. Having Owen in the house. G’s dad arrived today from North Carolina. He drove 12 hours straight through. They are going fishing in the morning. (And that’s why there are worms in our fridge right now.) We ate the goulash and watched Survivor. He is such a happy person to have around.

6. Em and Scott got an offer on their house. This is my daughter’s first foray into the world of real estate. The Portland, OR housing market is crazy! Houses sell hours after the listing goes live. It took 48 hours to get their first offer and they were so nervous. But now they are in negotiations. *fingers crossed*

What made you happy today? Care to share?

8 thoughts on “6 Things That Made Me Happy Today

  1. 1. Working at my A #1 place of work.
    2. Coming home and putting mulch on my flower beds with a winter cap on.
    3. Cooking asparagus and homemade pizzas.
    4. Practicing the Uke and getting better at a new song.
    5. Putting my kids to bed.
    6. Hanging out with my husband in our bar, playing the Uke, youtubing songs, and singing our hearts out.
    7. Whiskey…well maybe not in a few hours…


  2. 1. Dad tops my list! Grateful to spend this time with him and get out on Pine Creek to fish today.
    2. Smelling the lilacs. Zee wrote about lilacs last week, so I smelled a bush and it was wonderful.
    3. Mowing the lawn, I love fresh mowed grass.
    4. Happy people at work. Our administrative assistant is always happy and ready to help.
    5. Sitting down for a healthy homemade dinner (at the table :)) with people I love.

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  3. 1. Waking up and reading your blog, which made me smile (happiness is contagious!)
    2. Getting 8.5 hours of sleep (I had to go to bed at 8:45pm last night to make that happen)
    3. Finding a new, sweet lightness in my plank and chaturanga this morning.
    4. Publishing a new post on LinkedIn
    5. Drinking my bulletproof tea
    6. My life! Being self-employed so that I can work with the cat purring beside me, run to Costco when they open, take Luke to the chiropractor after school, and listen to a webinar while I cook a yummy dinner to which everyone is looking forward.

    It’s only 9:45am… there might be more 🙂


  4. Chris Hadfield is very inspiring. I brought my best friend to see him live and it was incredible…
    Thanks for link to the podcast.

    This makes me happy, days later than your original post!
    Cheers from Newfoundland!


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