How did I ever pack before Packing Cubes??

Today I packed for my trip to Oregon.  I must say, I am a huge fan of packing cubes.

Omg. I love these things. Here is a week’s worth of stuff, including beach clothes all ready for the suitcase.


When I get to the hotel, my pajamas and robe and all the stuff I need for a shower is in one bag. My hoodie and long pants and long sleeved shirts and jeans are in another bag. My underwear is another little one. Shorts and tops in another one. Shoes in the red one. All I have to do tomorrow is pack toiletries and my ukulele and I’m done.

I love how, if I have to open my suitcase in a public place or if, god forbid, my suitcase were to break open, all my stuff would not come tumbling out all over the place. I would just have to pick up 5 neatly organized bags.

I throw an empty one in and use it for laundry, and when I get home, I just take my bag to the washer and dump it in.

You can get them here:

The reviews of these things sold me. There isn’t a bad review in the bunch. The medium-sized ones are by far the most versatile.  People get positively rhapsodic over these things, and now I totally understand their rhapsody.

I deeply appreciate things that are beautifully designed for function as well as aesthetics. And while packing cubes might not be beautiful objects, their function certain is.

(The last time I got so excited about a thing was after I spent $80 on a dish drainer. I still love and appreciate that dish drainer, by the way. I reviewed it here.)

But aside from packing cubes, I am getting so happy thinking that in 2 days I will get to see my little Obie and my daughter and son-in-law. They are in the throes of buying a house right now and things are getting difficult and frustrating and annoying.

I am really hoping that our being there will help and support them. They were hoping that all this house stuff would be resolved by the time we got there, I know, but stuff happens.

It’s the way of stuff. Life is just stuff and stuff and more stuff. We can’t control stuff, the only thing we can control is how we respond to it, right?




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