Pacific City, OR Day 1

Our VRBO here in Pacific is what Emily calls “fancy.” Scott says that’s just because the cabinets hang straight.

This is Obie’s first time sleeping  away from home. And Dude’s, too. (Dude is the chihuahua.) This is the “fire drill” trip for their Alaskan cruise in a few weeks.

After we settled in, we went to the Pelican Brewery here in Pacific City, hoping to sample some good brewskis and have a little dinner, but it was packed and the wait was too long. So,we’ll do that another day.

This was Obie’s first look at the ocean. He liked the sand.

imageI almost got Haystack Rock to grow right out of G’s head.


After dinner Obie contemplated the fire.


Was read to by Ira


Was hugged a lot


And eventually went to bed and after just a bit of crying, konked out.

Then G and Scott played horseshoes


And Em and I watched




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