Transitions are hard

A new student came to yoga tonight. Just moved here from Tucson.  Desert to  jungle.

She was really nice, but seemed to be a bit untethered.

The way I feel today. Neither here nor there. Piles of laundry litter the top of the stairway, waiting to be sorted and dragged to the basement for the laundry fairies.

There are 2 editions of the Aggravator to be gone through as quickly as possible, and mail to catch up on, and a ventilation issue at the studio to fix.

All want is to sit and stare  and give my ears a chance to stop ringing.

G came home sick. Sore throat, head, ears and sinuses cemented shut. She didn’t go to work (but mowed the front lawn) and tried to tough it out without resorting to OTC symptom relief, but finally caved.

I taught Happy Hour Yoga. It always feels new and shiny even if I’ve been away this long.

Blogging on the IPad is ok, but it was really frustrating because I don’t know how to link to things without it taking forever, and my pictures took a long time to show up in my stream.

So tonight, in honor of transition night, I will add some random pictures that I wanted to post but couldn’t get to load.

This is G backpacking Obie through the Japanese Gardens.


This is Obie making friends with the evil arbor roses.IMG_2021


Yeah, that’s you, buddy.image



And yeah, that’s me on the flight home.



If the weather is supposed to do what they predict, we’ll all be sitting here working cerebrally.

Over and out.

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