D is for Dopamine

couch cat


I couldn’t get it together today. I think it’s the lack of dopamine. According to the science, sugar gives me a nice dopamine hit, and then I want another one, and another one, and the more sugar I eat, the more it takes to get the same quality high.

Maybe that’s why I felt so listless today: I’m jonesin’ for my dopamine.

I ate some scrambled eggs and after that? I don’t remember. The day just drifted away.

My shower was a big activity. Then, around 4 PM I remembered the old adage:  “energy creates energy” and drove to the gym.

Hooked myself into the treadmill, stuck the latest James Altucher podcast in my earbuds and clocked a respectable 8K steps on my Garmin.

But it didn’t make me feel any better. I went home and took a nap.

G is doing better than I am. At least today.

Bully for her.

I think part of my drekky mood is that I need more than a body hack project. I need a something intellectually juicy and exciting and I can’t figure out what.


2 thoughts on “D is for Dopamine

  1. Why don’t you read a book like *Sugar Blues* to fill up your mind? Whenever I’m incorporating a new habit, it helps to educate myself about the why behind it, especially if I’m struggling. For instance, when I was nurturing a sense of surrender (control freak that I am), I voraciously read Tosha Silver’s book, *Outrageous Openness.* On my own journey to reduce my carb intake, I’ve been grateful to Gary Taubes’ rather large tome, *Good Calories, Bad Calories.* Oh, and do you want a really yummy “dessert” idea? Mix together equal amounts of almond butter and unsweetened (organic, of course) whipped cream, then sprinkle it with grated unsweetened dark chocolate. Mouth orgasm, and so satiating! Who needs sugar when you can have dietary fat instead? xoxoxo


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