Brain Octane

Brain Octane

My will to live has returned.

Woke up, wrote for 3 hours straight, worked out, and then spent the rest of the afternoon planning my class and walking Boomer.

I’ve been fooling around with Bulletproof. So far, just the coffee. I brew my usual coffee, add some Kerrygold butter and some coconut oil, put it in the Nutribullet, buzz it up for 30 seconds and drink it.

It’s creamy and delicious, and holds me for a long time.

The Bulletproof Diet, as far as I can tell, is basically Paleo, which is basically Atkins: high protein, low carb.

When I was guinea-pigging myself through IIN and trying every diet I studied, the Paleo way of eating made me feel the best. The only downside was all the meat.

A little meat is okay. But a lot? Kinda nauseating.

Eggs?  I can do eggs, but too much meat is disgusting. So I couldn’t go all in for Paleo, and I can’t go all in for Bulletproof either, but I do like the butter coffee.

I also like the intermittent fasting. Here’s how it works: Bulletproof coffee when you wake up and then no food until 2, which isn’t hard for me at all because the butter and the coconut oil (or for me now, the Brain Octane) plus the caffeine, really hold me. I have never been deeply committed to breakfast.

At 2 PM I eat a nice lunch, go to class at 4:30, come home at 7:30 and have a little snack, and am finished eating by 8 PM.

Rinse and repeat.

That’s an 18 hour fast. I like to do it 2 days in a row, then go back to eating breakfast and a little more food.  I like this way of eating. It makes me feel light and energized.


(To my horror, it just occurred to me that I may have turned into that person–the one who talks about what she eats all the time. Good god.

But at least I’m not reporting my bowel movements, right?)

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