The Doyen of the Detox

G posted some pictures on Facebook today. Pictures of dirt. Pictures of the ground. Pictures of people not wearing coats.

I don’t remember that.

I looked in the mirror today and let’s just say, I’m not a “winter.”  My skin is the color of a codfish.. The bags under my eyes could hold my wallet, phone, a full set of gym clothes and my Ipad.

I’ve got a bad case of the uglies.

So, I am on a detox mission. This is nothing new.  I have done detoxes before, am pretty much the Doyen of the Detox.

I have cycled through Clean, a bunch of times, as well as Whole30–both elimination diets. But this time I am going Ayurveda all the way, baby.  I am finally going to take myself through the protocol I truly believe in: eat with the seasons, and according to the dictates of your dosha.

My Vata is wildly deranged at the moment: eczema really acting up, dry everywhere, restless sleep, so it’s time to regain  balance. It will start with sipping hot water all day, taking supplemental manjistha and turmeric, firing up the ol’ VitaMix for my green drinks, and caffeinating and alcohol-ing waaay less.

When the dandelion greens start popping up through the snow, I will be packing them, as well as  cress into my smoothies.

In 2 more weeks it will be officially spring. Tonight we turn the clocks forward.

Could it be that the worst is almost over?


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