Blogging in a Plane

So before I begin, here’s the first question:

Am I blogging IN a plane? or ON a plane? or maybe FROM a plane???

I am ON a flight, but IN a plane?

Is the altitude making me stupid?  Or maybe it’s my reading material.

I don’t know. All I know is that I am sitting on Delta flight which is currently flying over Duluth, MN headed to Portland, Oregon.  Ira is sitting in the window seat, and I was ticketed into the middle seat.  But oh, holy miracle! the aisle seat was not filled!  Do you know how heavenly it is to have room to spread out??  Oh Em Gee!!  If this happens on the red-eye home, I might have to start believing in God.

So I sucked it up and bought the wireless so I could keep up my streak and blog today, that’s how serious I am about keeping this going.  Also, it is fun.  But even though I have wireless, I don’t have a power source and my battery life is going to be an issue, so I need to stop futzing around here an post already.

So Ira and I are on this trip together and we are the Laurel and Hardy of traveling companions.  Or maybe more like the Oscar and Felix.  Ira is Felix (in my view, ahem) neurotic and OCD.  He has alphabetized file folders filled with copies of all the documents he was sent by the airline, neatly paper clipped together with all the relevant info highlighted in yellow highlighter.  He pulls these out whenever we approach the check-in people.  He keeps asking for clarification. He asked the shuttle driver if he could  take a spin around the parking lot one time and then come back for us because he needed time to check the car 13 times.  He carries a raincoat everywhere, even though the weather in Portland is going to be 90 degrees and sunny for the next 5 days.

He reads very serious books on the plane:

Ira reads on the plane
This is what Ira reads

I am Oscar.  I kinda wing it.  My main goal is to find Starbucks, and oh look! that place has sushi! I people watch and chat it up with the TSA people.  I have a more stupid, go with the flow attitude.  You want to butt in front of me, lady wearing a blow up neck cushion?  Go for it!  It’s not the Amazing Race, I don’t think.

I prowl around Hudson News.  I look at chocolate covered goji berries but settle on mints that cost double what I would have paid had I bought them at CVS at home, but I forgot.  This morning I took my polar fleece and my raincoat out of my suitcase.

I read junky magazines on the plane.  They amuse me.

This is what I read on the plane

So now this plane is pitching like a tilt-a-whirl and my water almost spilled so maybe it’s a sign from god to hit “publish” and go to the bathroom and barf.

One thought on “Blogging in a Plane

  1. Love the pics and the travel blogging. Enjoy all the moments, even the Felix moments because it’s part of “your story”. Give Em, Scott and granddaughter Nia a big hug from me.


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