Pacific City to Portland

We left our great VRBO in Pacific City this morning, but last night we watched the sun set into the ocean (which is unusual for us East Coasters who only see the sun rise over the ocean.)

It was cold out there, at least for me who has the blood of a snake. But well worth it, especially going back home to Cooper Mountain Pinot and a fire in the firepit, and s’mores.




And this morning we strolled Obie to the coffee shop and stopped to say goodbye to the sand on the way home.





Back in Portland we went to the Food Trucks for lunch. G and I had Nasi Goreng which we haven’t had since Bali  and it was delicious and the people watching was even better. I love Portland.image






After a shower and a napitation, it was back to Em’s for coctails, Corn Hole and cuddling with this one:


The plan for tomorow is to go the the Japanese Gardens, and then to Salt and Straw for ice cream. It is hot here in Portland, and this weekend is supposed to set records here.

Okay. Another great day here in Portand. More tomorrow.




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