The Story of Main Street Yoga, part 6


When I got home from Kripalu, which I now call “Planet K, ” it was Thanksgiving.  I was happy to be home, but I was anxious to start teaching, lest I lose it, and my confidence and nerve as well.

Emily and her boyfriend were home and were willing to be student guinea pigs, and when they went back to school, I taught the dog, who was (mostly) patient and long-suffering.

I called some churches, asking about the availability of their community rooms, but had no luck.  I did some free classes for the teachers at the high school, and that went well.

And then I had an appointment to get my vision checked.  My optometrist, Bob, had a “Commercial Space for Rent” sign in the upstairs window of his store.  During my exam I asked him about it.  He took me up to see it.

He opened the door to 800 square feet of the most beautiful yoga space imaginable: hardwood floors, sky lights, a modern bathroom, lots of uninterrupted wall space.  Oh boy.  I was in love with this space.  Oh boy. This space was expensive.

Over lunch I told G, my best friend, about the space.  I took her up and showed her.  She said, “How much money do you have left over from the teaching gig?’  I told her, “About 5K.”

“Okay then, she said,  “How about I put in 5K, you put in 5K, and that will cover the rent for a year. Let’s see if we can make a go of this.”

And that’s what we did.

We signed a lease for a year and bought some basic supplies and set up shop.  Here are some vintage photos from those early days of setting up:

Here’s the building from the outside:

Second floor, last 2 windows on the right

This is G setting up:

G sets up

The mats arrive:

Box of Mats

Setting up:

Setting up
Setting up continues

G takes a break
Studio desk
Orchid in the window

A quiet moment:

A quiet moment in the empty studio

First class was on March 1st, 2004.  I taught Sunrise Yoga at 6:15 and 3 people showed up: Aleta and Brynne Hafflet (who were high school students at the time and who came before school!)  And Judith Sornberger, great friend and supporter.

For the first few years things were a little touch and go. I had a lot to learn about scheduling and at first, nobody showed up.  If 3 people came, that was a lot.

Everyone who did come however, was so happy to have a studio in town and told me so, which kept me going, and still does.  Without the people who come and practice, there would be no Main Street Yoga.

Tomorrow, where the studio is today.

2 thoughts on “The Story of Main Street Yoga, part 6

    1. Thanks so much Emeg! I was thinking to myself, “god this is so self-indulgent, but at least it will provide “secondary source material” to refer back to for backstory.
      So I am really relieved to know that you are enjoying it.

      (PS, that jade plant you gave me? Yeah. It’s out of control!!!)


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