One Blessed Day to Transition

I am getting better at this transition thing. Used to be, I’d get home and just hit the ground running: start  wash #1, answer emails, make phone calls, teach my classes, start wash #2, grocery shop, run errands.

Used to be, I’d know, intellectually, that my trainings would be intense, but I’d tell myself it didn’t matter, that I needed to catch up on all the things that had been neglected while I was gone. So I needed to push through the fatigue.

Used to be, I’d go to trainings, and come home and wish that the world would stop, just for one blessed day so that I could sit in my room, meditate, sip tea, take a bath, write.  Used to be, I’d disregard all that as self-indulgent, thinking that everything else was way more important than my need for quiet reflection.

But that was the past.

Today I gave myself that One Blessed Day.  I gave myself a Transition Day, and you know what?  It has made all the difference in the world.  I think while I am in a training group, doing hard work, taking notes, learning assists, trying to soak up as much as possible, it is all just going in as “info storage.”  It is only when it all stops, that it has a chance to soak in, integrate, be absorbed.  If I don’t allow this time, it just falls away, water-off-a-duck’s-back-ish.

I did do a load of wash today.  I did some work on the computer, too. I wrote an important email, but I also took time to write in my journal, and meditate, and walk the dog, and make a nice meal, and sit in the hot tub.  And tomorrow I have a massage scheduled with my massage guru, and hopefully she will be able to put my very sore body out of some of its misery.

And then tomorrow night I will teach my first class since being back.  I feel all new, all inspired, my cup is  filled to overflowing.

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