I’m finished with Holosync

Right before I left for my training, my new level of Holosync came (I am starting Level 3). But this time  when I opened the case expecting to find the usual 4 CDs, there were only 2.  There was the first one, and the 5th one called “Floating,” which I don’t ever listen to.

This was really annoying, but I didn’t have time to call Centerpointe and get to the bottom of it because I was walking out the door, so I just shoved the first CD in, and threw the headphones into my suitcase. I never did listen to them during my training days.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my old sitting practice, the one where I would just sit down, sit perfectly still, and watch the mental “show” for a designated period of time.  No CDs, no headphones, no rain, no gongs.  Just whatever happened to be happening in the moment.

It took a lot of discipline to do that, whereas it takes no discipline to do Holosync.

Holosync takes my brain into a whole different world, and I like that world, but there is also something to be said for learning to deal with the tedium, the banality, and somedays, if I’m lucky, the magic, of “reality.”

I read somewhere that if we truly want to be consistently happy, we need to learn to “fall in love with reality.”

Yeah. That’s the truth, isn’t it?

Today, for instance, it was freezing cold out. The sun was out, it looked like spring, but the wind bit my face, and the cold went right into my bones. It hurt to walk the dog. And to think, just this time last week people were driving around with their convertible tops down!

So as I was cursing the cold, I thought of this “falling in love with reality” idea.  I thought, “Can I fall in love with this cold?”  If I could, there would be no discomfort. It would just be, well, cold,– without all the drama of me hating it and wishing it would be otherwise.

But I couldn’t pull it off.  I couldn’t fall in love with today’s cold and wind, though I could imagine being able to.  I  thought back to that time when I used to practice being okay with everything as it was, and that was the time I was sitting still every day for a few minutes with the sole intention of paying attention to reality.  Not to fall in love with it necessarily, but just to be aware of it.

So, I’ve decided to put away my Holosync headphones for awhile and go back to sitting.  Just 10 minutes a day to start, and then working up in time.

I think it’s time to start a new streak.

2 thoughts on “I’m finished with Holosync

  1. I was so in love with the company of women we were with that I barely noticed the cold! Now that I think of it, though, the splash of a few cold raindrops on my face as we all said goodbye in front of Zee’s was a beautiful part of the day.


    1. It was SO INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL to meet you! I have been eating up your blog and you have inspired me to take my camera out more often and train my eye. I agree about the cold rain yesterday. I didn’t even feel it because the personal warmth of that group evaporated it! Thanks so much!


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