The Weekend Wrap-up

The 8 Mile Run:

We  ran our longest run training run so far on Saturday.  It was originally scheduled for 8 AM, but at 8 AM it was 18 degrees so we switched it to later in the day.  We finished, thanks to great support from our”crew” and for me, to the great story-telling and banter of Tim, who will forever be known to me as the human Ipod.  He kept me happy and distracted the whole way.  That is the key to good running, I think: to always stay happy and distracted.

Breathing in the Writing Room:

On Sunday I did a “Salon” at Zee’s, my dear friend and writing guru and conversationalist extraordinaire.  She wanted me to come up and teach breathing techniques for creative people (i.e. everyone).  So I pulled together a little hour-long thing I called “The Creative Breath.” and 10 people came and afterwards we all went out for Thai food.  Such a great group of women!  I had a blast, and best of all, found another fellow blogger.  Check out Patricia at Zen Crafting.  (So cool.)

Sacred Sloth Pants:

I need at least one day for rest and rejuvenation and that day is usually Sunday, but due to the above-mentioned breath-fest, I didn’t get my Day ‘O Sloth, so I took it today and stayed in my jammies until lunch living “organically” following my inclinations, sipping, drinking, reading, and then I happened to look out the window and into the backyard and..uh-oh, I forgot to take the bird feeder in and the bear came.

I’ll Eat the Sunflower Chips  Here And Take The Niger Seed To Go

He broke the pole, ate all the sunflower chips out of one feeder, and took the niger seed feeder with him.  I have been taking the feeders in ever since the snow melted and it’s been feeling spring-like because I know the bears wake up hungry.  I forgot last night, and now I only have 1 feeder left. If you see Yogi walking around with my niger seed feeder? Tell him I’d like it back, k?

3 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Funny, I drove by your running group on Saturday. There was quite a crowd gathered on that dirt road. You know what stood out for me the most? Every one was smiling. Now that’s some good distraction!


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