Day 6: Everything Counts

I am really tickled about the Virtual Challenge.  I think it’s so amazing that people are doing this on their own, holding themselves accountable, carving time out of their day, and perhaps most impressive of all, cobbling together their own practice.

It’s one thing to go to a studio and have a teacher guide you into a sequence, and it is quite another thing to have to put together your own sequence.

I am also loving that people are reporting what they’re doing, and even describing the surroundings in which they are doing it.  If you haven’t been reading the comments to these posts on the last 5 days, you really should!

Sometimes they’re a hoot! And all the participants are beginning to talk to each other in the comments.  They’ve become their own little tribe!

The classes at the studio yoga are equally wonderful.  This morning I told my class that the true morning practice isn’t the asana they do once they get to class;  their real yoga begins in that moment when they do not ignore the alarm, when they do not stay in bed, but rather get up, get dressed and get themselves to class.  By the time we chant our beginning “Om,” the hard part of the practice is already over; the hard part is getting there.  Once you’re there, it’s cake.

And the other thing I want to say here about practice is this:

Everything counts.

Sometimes people (myself included) feel that if they don’t get through at least most of the  primary series, for example, that they haven’t really done their practice.

This is nonsense.  Stepping on the mat, rolling onto your back and breathing fully deeply and consciously for 15 minutes, counts.

A few Sun Salutations counts.

10 minutes of pranayam, followed by a short meditiation, counts.

It’s not the time that’s important; it’s the attitude, the intention.

So keep the faith, yogarians.

See you in the morning!

7 thoughts on “Day 6: Everything Counts

  1. Ok, so I began the day with yoga. Really, I did. My companion, on this most wonderful day, was a chocolate pitbull, hanging out in the crate beside me. We both made room on the parque (sp?) floor, pulled in our breath and exhaled into our space. We released any tension within, from beds that were not our own, to memories of life on the street. Deep breathing, vinyasa morning flow, downward dog and, my favorite, pidgeon. 45 minutes of interruped, distracted, yet mindful yoga. Whispered, laughing conversations from the adjoining room were our mantra. Noisy streets were our meditation…and guess what, tomorrow, because I’ve had too many glasses of red Zin, I’ll be leading my friend Ethan in a wonderful morning of breath and stretch. 7am, early you are…


  2. Yoga deck today! I spread out all the cards on the floor and picked and chose what I wanted to do next, or what I thought would feel good next. It took a long time, but it was great. I ended my practice by saying Namaste to my door handle, the ugly, silver, un-zen, un-yogic fixture. But it was my loyal drishde for tree, so I thanked it.


    1. aaawwwww … I loved how you paid homage to your door handle (is it truly a “handle” or a “knob”? inquiring minds want to know!) … very sweet … I can fully imagine you staring at it for Tree …


  3. *pant, pant* still recovering from trying to keep up with those hard bodies on Nemaste Yoga on Fit Tv. The important thing, is I did it! I kept moving for half and hour. I took child twice when I got lost, but for the most part I moved with them and even remembered to breathe. Nice work-out and definitely broke a sweat. Here is the description they give for this one:

    “Sun Wind- Moving with grace through this flow will encourage flexibility while strengthening the legs, shoulders and abdominal muscles. Intermediate students will find this one both challenging and encouraging.”

    Now those of you who have been in class with me know that on the grace part, well, not so much for me. But at least in my brain it looked smooth. *lol*

    It feels so good!


  4. April 7th, Day 7: 35 min., 8:20-8:55 pm (another round of night-time yoga), back porch, facing North, my nightlights: the stars & the large lit L-shaped natural gas rig site on the mountain range (I contemplated that “L” tonight because … last year, when I totaled my car, hitting a tree, carving a large “L” in the tree with my left passenger side door, I decided that was my “Lucky, Live Life tree!” (I drive by that tree daily) … tonight, while I am wary of “embracing” that natural gas rig, I decided that, at least when viewing it lit at night while doing yoga, I will consider the “L” to stand for my “Lucky, Live Life yoga!”)

    Tonight, I savored lots of calm, soothing flowy evening poses and added dolphin and wide-legged forward bend. (I’ve been “shopping poses” here & there in my books, mags, web sites, from fellow yogarians’ posts … it’s fun! it’s like “free shopping”!) Like last night, it was so balmy out, with just a slight breeze, that it almost felt like I was at the beach out there on the back porch! Yummmmmmmmmm …

    Also, vital to note: I have been sleeping sssooooo wwwwwwwellllllllll. Really. Yummmmmmmm …

    Another revelation: with this being my 7th day in a row, I do believe this might the longest consistent focus I have had in years in exercise endeavors. Really. I have done off-and-on work-outs in recent years (3x a week for, maybe 3 weeks at a time tops, then I “fall off the wagon” & it takes me a few weeks to crawl back on), but not every-day work-outs … so, WOW! This is quite the streak for previously-inconsistent me! I hope to keep streaking! 😉 … Thanks for the BOOST Kath!!!


    1. Kath, do you know how I can “load” a photo for my name? Also, is there a way to “change” my name (to “protect the innocent”) 😉 … just wondering where those options might exist … if they do … maybe I had to do those right from the onset when I 1st signed up …


      1. I don’t know about the changing of the name part, but to upload a pic go to They may allow you to change your name too, but I’m not sure. It will be nice to see your pic in your comments!


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