500 Days

500 days from tomorrow will be the end of 2011.

I know this because I am a part of entheos.me, which is Brian and Alexandra Johnson’s new online community.  They both posted today about their intentions to keep their fundamentals going for the next 500 days without a miss.  For them, the next 500 days will involve veganism, meditation, exercise, and tending to their intellectual and spiritual practices. They are inviting  other people to consider a 500 day plan as well. You can check it out their posts here.  And here.

Oh boy.  Am I ever a sucker for this kind of thing.  It’s the perfect time for a  re-commitment to my practices, too.  With September looming (she throws up in a waste basket here) my “new school year” rash starts to itch.

September always feels like the time for a fresh start after the debaucheries of summer. Summer always knocks me off my game somewhat with its alluring long days, and its cold beer and its “hey, it’s summer!” attitude.

September is time to get back into saddle shoes and buy a new book bag.

I am thinking about re-dedicating to a daily yoga, writing and meditation schedule.  Do I really think I can keep a 500-Day streak going?

I dunno….

What about you?  Does this have any appeal? You want in on this?  What could you commit to for 500 days?

I’m going to sleep on this tonight and decide for sure tomorrow.  I’ll definitely let you know.

2 thoughts on “500 Days

  1. Definitely. I’m trying to think. I will think of one soon. On to other news, I can’t WAIT to take a yoga class homecoming weekend and chat it up, peace!


  2. Kath, whatever you choose, it would be inspiring to read about it on your blog. Please keep us posted!

    For me, I think I would want to practice forgiveness for 500 days! In 500 days, I will be 3/4 of the way towards having my RN, and those 500 days will be nuts. I can foresee needing to forgive myself a lot. 🙂


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