When Plinky Eats My Post

I have just spent the better part of the evening replying to a Plinky.com prompt and setting the whole thing up to post automatically to this site, only to have it NOT WORK.


I did not wake up at my best today. It rained all night. And I was awakened in the middle of it by thunder. In October? Thunder?  Srsly?

And then when I finally DID manage to drag my sorry ass out of bed, I was in no mood.

I did not want to do yoga. And the gym? Ew.

I could not even conceive of how I was going to grind out my 750 words. (But I did.)

Coffee helped, of course.  And as I was washing up, I knew, even through the dense green fog that was my brain, that this was THE MOMENT.  Yep.

This was the kind of day that I either had to “Warrior-Up,” or spend the day in my jammies.

So I got my yoga pants on, went into my room and snorted out about 16 million rounds of kapalabhati.  Yes I did.  Then proceeded to do postures and capped the whole thing off with 20 minutes of meditation

And after that I was fine. I had slain the Murk.  Vanquished its ass.  Go me.  And that was my day.

(So take that, Plinky.  Plinky is a stupid name anyway.)

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