The Yoga Challenge and the New Year’s Eve Letter

Today I pulled the trigger on the 5th Annual Yoga Challenge (30 days for $30). Sent the email to my mailing list and now I await the flurry of envelopes. I am guessing by this time tomorrow it will be filled.

Tonight as we sleep, Spring will arrive. Somebody at yoga tonight said that the official arrival time is 1 AM.  Can I just tell you how much I love Spring? (I love Spring.) And we are actually having it, instead of the horribleness that is usually March around here.

The weather has been nothing short of stupendous. Everyone is walking around in shorts and wearing shit-eating grins on their faces. It feels like we are getting something we don’t deserve, but we’ll take it anyway.

I woke up this morning, ate an egg, then took a trip to the Post Office and dropped off the New Year’s Eve letters. In my New Year’s Eve yoga class, I invite any one who wants to, to write a letter to themselves. When they are finished writing they seal it in an envelope, address it, and I mail it to them to arrive on the first day of spring, which is tomorrow.

I like to think that each person who gets a letter tomorrow will save it for a quiet moment, then open it carefully, like a present, and read with a mixture of curiosity and eagerness, tinged with a little wonder and joy.  Will they recognize that old winter solstice voice?

I read mine today in the quiet of the studio.  The voice in that letter sounded familiar, but the tone was quieter, and contrasted sharply with this sunny, bold, robin-filled day in March.  The New Year was just about to start when I wrote those words, and now here it is, ready to start again.

I think I will write a Spring letter tomorrow and save it until the Summer Solstice.  I want to hear what my spring voice will sound like when read from the vantage point of high summer.

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