A Little Spring Meme

This afternoon I walked Boomer to the studio to check the mail and to see if anyone had slid Yoga Challenge money underneath the door. It is still weirdly warm, but it was cloudy and there were a few sprinkles as we walked. I could smell the ground. It smell like dirt and roots and …life.

At the studio, sure enough, there were some envelopes under the door, as well as one in the mailbox. But curiously, most of the envelopes did NOT contain Yoga Challenge money,  but rather a black and white copy of this picture, which was taken back in January.

After the Birthday "Om"

This was taken on my birthday, after my Wednesday Drop-in class. After class Shelley, the one standing behind me in the white coat, organized a birthday “Om” which is the tradition at my studio whenever it is anyone’s birthday.  These are the people who “Om-ed” me.

Afterward, Kestrel (the one kneeling next to me in the gray coat) set up Shelly’s camera for a timed shot, and took this picture.

And today a black and white copy of it showed up in multiple envelopes with notes from the people in the picture, wishing me a “Happy Spring” and saying all kinds of fun and great things, like “I hope samadhi smacks you upside the head! Happy Spring!”(that from Jim, the “guy” in the shot.)

(This little “Spring Meme” has Shelly’s fingerprints all over it.)

It totally tickled me.

Thank you, guys!

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