I paid $3.99 so you could read this

Getting up at 3:30 wasn’t so bad. And even though it was foggy as hell driving to the airport, got there without hitting a deer.

(I am the only person I know who has never hit a deer. The streak continues.)

My luggage weighed 32.9 lbs. I won “the lightest luggage” contest among my travel mates, Ira and G.

We got TSA-PRE which meant we didn’t have to take off our shoes, but G got pulled over for trying to bring an Orgain (a meal replacement drink we are fond of) through security. (Travel much, G?)

I conked out on the plane from ELM to ORD. Didn’t even hear Beverage Service come through.

Originally had a tight connection in Chicago (ORD), but t-storms there delayed all planes departing and arriving so no worries about making the plane. So few worries in fact, that G and I got a quickie Swedish Massage for neck and shoulders that unravelled the Gordian Knot of Hell planted there my our beloved trainer, Vince, yesterday during killer sets at the squat rack.

(Never in my life would I have predicted that the words “Squat Rack” would ever grace my vocabulary.)

G and I purchased the mandatory Starbucks drinks and G paid for the mocha of a woman newly state-side from 6 months in India who was all saucer-eyed over just about everything. “I just drank from A WATER FOUNTAIN!”

We remembered what that felt like. (India is hard.)

I bought a neck pillow (we have 6 of them,, at least, at home) and the Vanity Fair with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover. Bought a Kale-Orange drink at Jamba, and walked the length of the B-Gates to try to keep up with G in the race to get the most steps on our Garmins.

Just spent $3.99 for an hour of WiFi on this cheap-o flight. (C’mon United.)

Ira is asleep pretending to read some book about Darwinian Evolution (is there any other?) and G found US Open coverage on her Ipad.

We have about an hour left on this flight, then rental car and off we go!



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