I’m A Good Detoxer (thanks to Streaking)

This is my 51st post in a row. I started posting daily on Ash Wednesday (February 18th) and I’m still going, even though my stated commitment for this streak was only until Easter, which was 5 days ago.

What can I say? I love streaking. Once I get a little streak going, it kills me to break it.

The big problem with blogging every day is not so much coming up with things to write about, I can write about anything. It’s coming up with things to write  that both interest me, and interest others.

Today  I was telling Kate, my hair stylist about my current detox. This detox is another thing I am streaking at the moment: I haven’t had sugar, caffeine or alcohol since March 24th (17 days).

As I was telling Kate about how I sip hot water all day to flush my lymphatic system, and dry brush before my shower, her assistant and other people who work there began walking within earshot of me, and then started asking me a million questions about why, and how do I do it, and how do I keep motivated, etc.  So I basically did a mini-Health Coaching session as I was getting my hair foiled.

I think people love to learn about eating and detoxing strategies, and they are especially impressed when you tell them that you have been able to sustain what they see as an act of extreme austerity for 17 days. Everyone, it seems, wants to give up these things for at least a little while, but nobody knows how to actually DO it.

So maybe I should be writing here about how I manage to stay the course when so many people can’t even get on the course?

I think my wonky eyelid problem incentivized me this time. Nothing like having your eye suddenly look like you’ve been punched to scare you off sugar, etc.

But now that I have figured out the eyelid problem and eliminated the offending culprit, I could, feasibly, go back to drinking my blessed morning coffee, and having a nice glass of wine on Friday night. But I can’t bring myself to do it, at least not yet, because, you see,

I have this little streak going and I want to see how long I can keep it going.

I want to see how much better I can get myself to feel. I feel really good right now, but I am still craving coffee, and also to some extent, sugar.

I want to get to the point where I don’t crave anything, and then keep going past that to the point where I plateau. Right now I am trending “up” in a pretty steep line in terms of energy and getting quality sleep. What I am really curious about now is: Where am I going to peak, and how long is it going to take me to get there?  How many more days of this before the “up” trend starts to flatten out?

Is this kind of thing of any interest to anyone else?

Is this worth documenting here? Or is it profoundly boring? I’d love it if you’d let me know in the comments.



Food Update

It’s been 10 days since I’ve had coffee, sugar, alcohol, eggs or wheat and I am feeling really good. I feel calmer, more relaxed, still a little on the tired side, but I think that is more a function of the weather (cold, cloudy, spring-resistant) than my diet.

I had a great talk with Jennifer last week and she recommended a tincture and some supplements which I immediately mail-ordered and now everything is here, and I am ready to go into the supplement phase.

My eyelid is improving dramatically since I stopped putting Royal Glow on it. (How could I use something  everyday for 2 years straight with no problem and then suddenly have a BIG problem with it? Mysterious.


Today I did my weekly food shopping and in addition to food I picked up 2 magazines: The Intelligent Optimist and Experience Life.

The cover story on The Intelligent Optimist caught my eye because it was “Why taking supplements leads to enlightenment,” by the famous shaman, Alberto Vilodo. He  said we have to clean up our bodies, and more importantly, our brains, if we want to access  shamanic states of ecstasy.

How? Give up sugar, dairy, coffee, and gluten. Take Omega 3s, Vitamin D3, turmeric, trans-resveratrol and coconut oil (which he calls “jet fuel for the brain.”)

Also: get our intestinal flora active and healthy via probiotics.

He claims that if you go radical and extreme with this diet it will take you 6 months to get there. This article gave me fresh motivation to continue on.

The article that made me pick up Experience Life was, “What Your Skin Is Trying to Tell You.” And once again, just as I suspected, it’s all about what you eat and your gut health.

(Everything is about what you eat and your gut health.)

I have been dealing with my eczemic ear canals for years (4 or 5) and it is time to get to the bottom of this. I am going all in.

Add to that the prospect of shamanic states of ecstasy?

Oh yeah.

Just a little “streak keeper” post

My eyelid is better. I think the culprit may be the moisturizing oil I use on my face. I love this stuff and I have been using it for well over a year now with great results, but I think it turned on me.

I tried not using it yesterday, and using the stuff I made myself instead.  Before bed, I put on the stuff I bought at the health food store yesterday.

It’s amazing how much better my eyelids look and feel today. Not completely healed, but close. I think I may have found the offending substance. *fingers crossed.*

The Yoga Challenge is now 3 days in. I taught both classes tonight and it was fun.

I have been thinking about will happen to this blog once my Lenten commitment ends the day after tomorrow. (Today is the 44th day in a row without a miss.)

I think I want to continue. One part of me likes the everyday commitment, whether I feel like it or not.

But another part of me wants a break and thinks posting 5 days a week would be plenty.

I’ll decide Monday. Any thoughts?

A Little Day

I woke up with my right eye totally puffed out and burning, and the left one trending in that same direction.

I am going crazy with this. I cannot figure it out. Why worse in the morning?

Then I went and trained with Vince. Sunjana was there training today, too. Sunjana works at the health food store in Wellsboro. I have been trying to hunt down dried calendula flowers without any luck. She said her health food store had them.

Vince decided to drive over with me after our workout.

It was a beautiful day. We listened to Twiddle, a band I had never heard of. We talked about the inevitability of change. We laughed a lot. I got my calendula flowers, and lunch, and a whole lot more at the Health Food Store.

I walked Boomer up to G’s field. Today was a game day and the field was festooned with flags and it was 60 degrees and sunny. I almost don’t know how to act when it is warmer. Is it safe to soften my face into the sun? Is is safe not to brace against weather? Where are my sunglasses?

G’s team split. I got to see the win. Yay

It is Day 2 of the April Yoga Challenge. I sat in the lounge and tried to write this post to no avail while Sandy taught the 5:30 class. Her students were all sweaty when they came out of the room.

I ate homemade chicken soup when I got home, and then watched a DVR’ed Survivor episode from this week.

I am now in day 8 of my detox from  sugar, alcohol, coffee, or eggs. I feel pretty good. I wish this stellar diet of mine would clear up my eye, though.

Now the day is over. I am heading to bed. It was a good day. A little ridiculous in spots, but isn’t everyday, in a way?


I Need More Fire

I feel so much better after talking to Jennifer this afternoon! My eye is no better, and maybe it’s even a little worse, but now I have someone helping me get to the bottom of this, and that is a big relief.

She said I need more fire. She told me to indulge in fats, to put coconut oil in my hot water, to find some dried calendula flowers and some herb called “eyebright” and make a tea and then soak a washcloth in that tea and put it over my eyes.

She told me to eat raw garlic, and to order a tincture called Power Lift that will help with fatigue and support my adrenals. She told me to order Supergreens and zeolite.

All these things sound like good things and I am anxious to start this protocol and see what happens.

Today is my 6th day without coffee, alcohol or sugar.

I am also one day away from the April yoga challenge. I’m going to need a lot of energy for that.

I think I am on my way.

Help is on the way

Day 3 of this no coffee, no sugar, no alcohol torture. It’s not the alcohol or the sugar I miss, it’s the coffee.  I do feel a little better today, and that’s because help is on the way. Last night I got this text from my friend Jennifer Ness Schmid:

“Hi, You should not have to got through caffeine withdrawal without adrenal support! Your body doesn’t have the inner juice yet to heal your eye, but you’re on the right track. I have a few ideas..will you do a free phone session with me? Xoxox”

I love her. She must have read my post from yesterday and thought “Uh-oh, Kath’s in trouble” and immediately sent this offer. Yeah, she will help me with “adrenal support” but the support that really warmed my heart last night was her caring concern.

Ever since I broke off with my naturopath I have felt a little out at sea. Fortunately, I am in really good health other than this nuisance eczema,  When these nuisance things do come up though, I get both obsessed and frustrated with my inability to figure them out.  My old naturopath couldn’t figure it out either, and we worked on it for 2 years.

But Jennifer is wicked good at what she does, and in addition I really love her as a person, so I am looking forward to collaborating with her in getting to the bottom of this.  I totally trust her and I can really talk to her.

She used to live here, but moved to California a number of years ago and has recently set up her own business, Oasis Wellness. We met when she started coming to my yoga classes as a new mother. She was funny, smart, beautiful and she ground her own wheat to make bread! What??

She left class one day saying that she had to go home and soak her lentils. I couldn’t imagine how a young mother with a baby and 2 other small children was finding time to grind wheat and soak lentils. But she did, and as as I got to know her better, I found that she lived the lifestyle she promoted, and is in total integrity. I love and admire that about her.

After I got that text last night I thought: How lucky am I to know such really pro people who have mad-crazy skills and are willing to support me in my hour of need?

I hope she agrees to work with me and become my new naturopath. We are going to talk on Monday.

I feel so much better already.

Thanks, Jennifer!

Winter, enough.

I am sitting here on the couch with the headphones on because the basketball game is on and I can’t really write with that blithering in my head.

I am in my 2nd day of no coffee and I think my eyes are getting worse, not better. I know 2 days isn’t much, but I wanted to see at least a little improvement. (I am so dull without the charge of coffee. It makes me sad.)

So far I have been able to keep pretty optimistic with this endless winter, but today I couldn’t pull it off. It was cold and dreary when I got up, and as the morning progressed, the day got darker rather than lighter, and as I was getting ready to go to the gym, I heard thunder. And then it started to rain. Hard.

I can see the window reflected in the bathroom mirror. I could see the gloom and the rain, and then I refocused on my face, and my red puffy right eyelid, and the beginning of the same situation on my left eyelid.

(2 days without coffee, alcohol and sugar. Things should be better.)

The end of March.

(Things should be better than this).

I wanted nothing more than to sit in my pajamas and read and sleep all day. But I got myself to the gym, and did what I was told, and left the gym and went home and washed my hands and had some food, and got to my 1 o’clock appointment.

(All this is very dull.)

And then I went to yoga, and class was good, but all I could think of was going home, getting into my pajamas and sitting here even though I had no idea what the theme of the day should be.

I hate to complain. I hate to hear people complaining. Yet all I want to do is give in to my sadness about the weather and complain.

I have been trying so hard all winter to go with the flow, to control the controllables and accept what is out of my control. But today I just couldn’t. I actively hated the weather.

I miss sun so much. And warmth.

(My client walked in all sun tanned from a month in Florida.)

All I need is sun. To lay in. To bask in. And then I will be fine.

All I need is sun to be happy. It is not going to happen in the foreseeable future, though.

This is why when it gets to be fall, and everyone is all rhapsodic about the leaves and how beautiful they are, all I can think about is that this day is coming, this day of unendurable cold and wet and miserable after a winter of stabbing cold.

But we do endure, don’t we?

I hope you are in a place of sun and color. I hope I will soon be in that place, too.